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The greatest event is coming up - the Mystic Party, where the inhabitants of this mysterious land will gather to have a spooky good time and share hilarious tales. Help your friends get together and have a party!

She is a sociable and benevolent witch. When not in the mood - a little harmful, but very kind. She is the keeper of many magical spells. Knowing about her terrible passion for flying, wizards familiar with her sent her a "racing" broom. Now, on holidays, she does charity work to help the delivery service.
Cristo Vampiago
He is a famous fashion designer. Creates exclusive models, works in the field of haute couture. Persistent, goal-oriented. He likes to go to clubs and theaters. Especially for a party, he prepared a collection of clothes in the style of "Empire". Leads a nocturnal lifestyle, does not like bright lights.
Frank Z
He is a legendary musician and singer. The owner of the "velvet" voice. Healer of millions of broken hearts. Virtuoso on musical instruments, but sometimes on nerves as well. Especially for the Mystic Party he recorded a new album. So, come on! This promises to be a great party!
Spooky Bat
He is Elmira's guardian and loyal friend, accompanying her on her flights through the night sky. He protects the environment. He has traveled around the world alone in search of rare species of animals and plants. Very kind, calm, merciful, though he looks intimidating.
Donat Chunky
He is a very charming, mischievous, kind cook. He knows a lot of recipes for terribly delicious dishes and sweets. Especially for the party, he developed a unique menu for each guest. He likes to play pranks: shooting marshmallow blasters and throwing marshmallow hearts at lovers.
He is an obsessive explorer. He firmly believes that he is from a dynasty of pharaohs, dreams of finding proof. His whole life is an archaeological expedition. He is terribly superstitious. Doesn't like to be in the same place twice. He is a walking treasure trove of interesting stories.
He is a creative, adventurous, active kid. Dancer and showman to the bone, never discouraged Scrawny - the engine and the engine of any party! Virtuoso rattles his bones. He knows a lot of hilarious jokes. Loves to play hide and seek, lurking in the closet or crypt.
Bride Cloudy
She is a hereditary aristocrat, a famous model and actress. This season she prefers the color red. She can safely be called a style icon. At the party she will present a collection of clothes by Cristo Vampiago. Bride Cloudy is friends with wolves and likes to give them pies.
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