Sweet Box



All Sweet Box are manufactured on modern equipment from high-quality raw materials that meet international quality standards.

- SAFETY FOR THE CHILD’S HEALTH. The toys are made of environmentally friendly material, the production uses pure raw materials, without harmful and toxic substances (NON TOXIC); All toys without odors, will not cause allergic reactions in children.

- HIGH STRENGTH. Toys are made of high-strength plastic, which means that they are less susceptible to deformation and will last longer when playing.

- COMPLIANCE WITH SANITARY NORMS. Toys and sweets are packed in sealed bags that maintain quality; the confectionery attachment does not touch the toy and is immediately ready for use.

- USEFULNESS OF CONFECTIONERY INVESTMENTS. In the production of fruit marmalade and pastilles 100% natural juice (without dyes and sweeteners) is used, which is useful for a growing children’s organism.

Each bag with a toy, marmalade and creative leaflet is carefully placed in a bright durable box with a vandal-proof sticker, which will be safely stored until it is presented to its owner.


All products are made on its own site. Experts monitor each stage of production to minimize the likelihood of marriage. Products are manufactured using a patented security management system.

All candybox attachments are produced in accordance with generally accepted international quality certificates: ISO 22000, ISO-9000, HACCP, and toys — in accordance with the EN 71 quality certificate.

In addition, independent tests are carried out in European laboratories to check the quality of the Sweet Box. Our own specialized department controls the quality of raw materials and every stage of production with the help of our manufacturers, who have improved and implemented a process monitoring system. After sales, the department continues to maintain and collect quality information, carefully tracking and working through all requests from customers.