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Cute little animals are the inhabitants of the northern regions.

They are not afraid of winter and endure frosts. The skittish hare, the smart brown bear, the hardy wolf, the brave tiger, the cunning fox, the fluffy manul, the leaping snow leopard, the proud reindeer, the cute seal and the curious lynx will share informative stories. Learn more about animals!

Hi, I'm a little tiger. We are the biggest feline predators in the world. We have thick, long fur that protects us from the taiga frosts. We need stripes for camouflage, so we are less noticeable during the hunt. We are great swimmers and in summer we like to swim very much.
Hi, I'm a white hare. We have a white coat only in winter, to better camouflage in the snow. In summer, our color is gray. We live in the forest-tundra and forest. In winter we eat tree bark, branches, dry grass. After a hike, we always confuse our tracks, running in circles so that no one can find us.
Hi, I'm a brown bear cub. We are carnivores, we live in the woods. We are very smart and inquisitive, we like to explore everything. We can distinguish colors, we have a good memory, we run fast and swim well. We eat berries, mushrooms, fish, and we like honey very much. In winter we hibernate.
Hi, I'm a wolf cub. We are great hunters, we can smell from 1.5 kilometers away. Very hardy and can run up to 80 km a day. We live in packs in the steppes, mountains, forests and tundra. We don't just howl at the moon, we send messages to our relatives.
Hi, I'm a manul. We are carnivores, similar in size to domestic cats. We have the thickest fur of any cat on Earth. We can endure freezing temperatures down to -50 degrees without problems. We live in rock crevices or burrows.
Hi, I'm a little fox. We are very cautious and clever animals, we easily evade pursuit by skillfully covering our tracks, that's why they call us cunning. We have an excellent sense of smell and hearing. Our tail helps us to keep our balance while running, and in winter it serves as additional protection from the cold.
Hi! I am a snow leopard or irbis, which means "snow cat". We live high up in the cold mountains. We hold the record for long jumping among felines; we can jump up to 6 meters. Because we have wide paws, we can walk in deep snow without falling in it.
Hi, I'm a little reindeer. We live in the tundra and the taiga. The wool on our fur is hollow on the inside, which keeps us warm. Our hooves change depending on the season. In summer they grow soft pads, and in winter they disappear, so we don't slip on ice.
Hi, I'm a seal. We live in water and on land, on the coasts of cold seas and bodies of water. We have a large layer of fat. It not only saves us from frost, but also keeps us highly buoyant. Instead of legs, we have flippers. We are excellent swimmers and divers. We eat fish.
Hi, I'm a lynx. We are intelligent, fast, predatory cats. We are considered the most northern cats. We have a short thick tail, ears with beautiful tassels. Our tassels affect our hearing acuity, helping us to catch even very soft sounds.
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