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Fluffy wizard kittens have amazing magical talents.

They're all from the Academy of Enchantment! The whiskers are able to see the future, see through space, take the shape of vessels, see a parallel world, drive away evil spirits, and find portals to other worlds.
There are 8 cute kittens on the team. Learn about the magical powers of each!

A dark sorceress. Loves moonless nights and the glitter of the stars. Sorceress with a scientific approach to magic, has an extensive library of ancient books. She dreams of opening a portal to other worlds. She almost succeeds-all she has to do is get a few ingredients and choose the right time for such a tricky spell...
Soothsayer and astrologer. Curious and mysterious. The secrets of the starry sky, the mysteries of the universe, and the mysteries of the past and future are whispered to her by spirits. During her practice she managed to prevent several disasters by seeing them in a crystal ball.
A novice mage, a nocturnal resident of the magical world. He possesses the magic trick of appearing out of nowhere and making a vampire "bite". He is a wizard of the night world, a novice wizard who appears out of nowhere and makes a vampire "bite". He can decipher lunar runes.
Purra Stepanna
Rural Witch. She studies the mysteries of nature. Her neighbors are a little afraid of her, but they turn to her for help. If you need to conjure up good weather, a rich harvest, a good road - it's up to her. She does not like unkind guests, she can make a snarl and cause rain or snow.
Shamaness. Can incant wind, water and fire, speaks to the spirits of the forest. Can foretell the future, choose the best time to do big things and travel. She hides her muzzle under a mask, as no one, under any circumstances, should see the muzzle of She-who-sees-ancients.
A light sorceress specializing in healing magic. I felt the power in me when I was a kitten. It turned out that her gentle rumbling could set people's minds to positive thoughts. In order to become a skilled sorceress, she asked Professor Glindum as an apprentice.
Warrior of Light, "sharp claw-sharp eye". Never stays in one place. He's always on the lookout for trouble and rushes to help others when he's finished his mission. She regularly holds master classes at the Academy of Wizards. He dreams of a small house in a tree and a peaceful life, but realizes that this is a pipe dream, as long as the world needs a Warrior of Light.
A light sorcerer, professor of magic. Experienced magician - practitioner and theorist. Wrote many books and practical manuals on the basics of magic. Opened his own Academy of Wizards. In his spare time likes to chat with sunny bunnies. He knows a lot of fairy tales, although it may well be a true story...
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