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The bite of a radioactive spider gave Peter Parker impressive "spider-like" abilities.

Realizing that with his great power comes great responsibility, Peter vowed to protect people like Spider-Man! Collect the entire collection!

When Peter Parker promised to become Spider-Man, he knew that the suit would be the key to his new persona. Putting together the gear and gear he had, Parker performed as Spider-Man for the first time in this functional, if not exactly trendy, costume
In the alternate universe, Gwen Stacy was bitten by a radioactive spider instead of Peter Parker. The media called her "Spider-Woman". Stacey tried to use her new talents for personal gain. However, over time, she began to use them to protect innocent people
Kid Arachnid
Real name Miles Morales, hails from an alternate world in which he "inherited" Spider-Man's place and powers when he was also bitten by a genetically modified spider. It can disguise itself as an environment
The life of shy, intelligent teenager Peter Parker has changed forever after being bitten by a radioactive spider that gave him amazing" spider-like " abilities. Since then, Peter has dedicated his life to protecting New York City and its people as Spider-Man!
When Spider-Man first donned a black suit of unknown origin, he found that his already huge "spider" powers had increased. He soon realized that the black suit was a living thing that wanted to capture him…
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