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Ponies are popular blogger girlfriends!

Each pony has many subscribers. The cheerful girlfriends came to the Blog Talk Blogger Festival to share their experiences, relax, and make new friends. Find out the hobbies of each of the 8 ponies. Get them all together!

Charming and attractive pony. She knows everything about beauty and is always up-to-date with news from the beauty world. She runs a popular beauty blog and conducts master classes. Steffany is a makeup and hair stylist.
She is a famous fashion designer and loves creating new outfits, especially hats. She knows a lot about fashion, she runs a famous fashion blog. She knows what clothes to wear to always be on trend!
She loves to travel! Has been to many countries around the world. She writes a travel blog about the sights and traditions of countries. She speaks several languages.
She loves taking pictures of nature, especially of animals. She has dozens of awards in her collection. She is a famous photo-blogger. She travels a lot and reports.
She loves sports to no end! She runs a fitness blog, where every morning she does an online workout for her subscribers and shares useful tips to stay positive every day. In her spare time she surfs.
She loves to paint, especially in watercolor. She runs an art blog, where he tells about the paintings of famous artists and shares the secrets of creating masterpieces. In his free time she likes to swim and take air baths.
She is a very smart and well-read little monkey. She runs a science blog, where she shares her research, experiments, inventions, and useful tips and tricks. On vacation she likes to play beach volleyball.
She loves to cook and share her culinary knowledge! Her food blog is full of incredible recipes. She broadcasts live from her kitchen. She loves photo shoots.
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