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Sweet Box presents the collection Disney «Princess» that is based on popular cartoons. Every princess has her own amazing fate and romantic story.

8 beauties-princesses: caring Snow White, generous Jasmine, brave Merida, kind Cinderella, determined Belle, inquisitive Rapunzel, dreamy Aurora, and independent Ariel!
Every Sweet Box contains a big toy, healthy fruit pastilles by 93% consisting of natural juice, and a leaflet describing a princess’s story

Snow White
Nice and caring, the Princess is always ready to help, but these qualities were used by the Evil Queen. Snow White was forced to leave her home castle and was hiding in a wood. However, because of her faith in a better future, she meets loyal friends, 7 dwarfs, and finds her love
The daughter of King Stephan and Queen Liya, noble Aurora did not know until her 16th that she was a Princess. Aurora is a cheerful, good-natured, and dreamy girl whom three fairies fostered from her infancy in a forest hut and protected her from the terrible spell of the magician Maleficent
The youngest of seven King Triton’s daughters, she is fascinated by the world of people. Ariel has very independent temper therefore she often does not obey her father and swims away from their underwater palace to explore sunken ships. When Ariel falls in love with Prince Eric, she shows perseverance and sacrifices the most important to be with him
Princess Jasmine dreams about freedom and really wants to see the whole world. The determined princess escapes to seek for her happiness, and the acquaintance with Alladin opens for her the door in a world of adventures. Open, brave, and generous Jasmine cares about Agrabah inhabitants’ welfare, and her wise advice helps Sultan to lead the country.
The kind and attentive Princess, she cares of others and is friends with animals that always come to help her in a difficult minute. The brave girl sincerely believes in miracles and does not afraid to follow her dream
Brave and determined, she is ready to sacrifice everything for her loved ones. Sincerity and compliant temper help her to see kindness and beauty in everybody, even in the Beast… Inquisitive Belle likes to read books from which she learns about far countries and amazing adventures
The heart of the brave Princess is eager for adventures. She likes to shoot a bow, ride a horse, and explore the world. Strong and confident, she lets nobody to dispose of her life. Despite her freedom-loving nature, Merida feels responsibility for her family, and she will do everything to make her family happy
Inquisitive Rapunzel used to live in a high tower a long time dreaming to see the world around it. She was engaged in creativity, made plans how to get out of the tower, played with her best friend, chameleon Pascal. Her meeting with Flynn Ryder became fateful: together, they went to long-awaited adventures
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