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A collection based on the adventures of the best friends of the famous lightning racer McQueen and the truck of the Mater, the most sincere resident of the town of Radiator Springs.

The collection includes 6 large toys with stickers. As a sweet attachment – delicious fruit lozenges.
"Whatever the bike, it's true!" Collect a collection, learn more about the adventures of friends!

Powerful McDryn
Lightning McQueen helps his friend Mater win the title of wrestling Champion and gets the nickname Powerful Mcdryn
A lover of wrestling, the Mater has also excelled in this sport. He achieves victory among trucks and gets the title of World Champion. But the help of a terrifying friend to our invincible hero is still necessary
Red Dragon McQueen
Legendary racer McQueen once again comes to the aid of his best friend Mater and helps him win in a drift racing match
Tokyo Mater
By chance, the Mater becomes a participant in the drift race in Tokyo. But the title of King of drift Mater gets only thanks to the support of the Red Dragon McQueen
The rustiest, but most reliable tow truck in Radiator Springs. He is proud of every scratch and dent on his bodywork. Loves to have fun with his best friend Lightning McQueen
Lightning McQueen
A legendary racing car that loves speed. This bold and purposeful car has made a difficult journey from a promising rookie to a four-time winner of the Big Piston Cup
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