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The collection Hot Wheels by Sweet Box! The famous kings of race tracks! 8 awesome sport cars. These high-speed racing cars have become bigger than the previous ones. Who will win the race this time: Blitzspeeder, Dawgzilla, Driftsta, Futurismo, Bone Speeder, GT Hunter, Winning Formula, or Night Shifter?

Every SweetBox contains delicious marmalade with natural fruit juice, a leaflet describing a race car, a big collectible toy with stickers. Gather all the participants and get a real drive!

A pumped high-speed truck that is off-road’s «thunderstorm». It has oversized wheels, four-wheel drive (4x4), and the powerful V8 (eight-cylinder) engine. This truck always reaches its aim
A high-speed car with a wide body kit and a twin turbocharging. This car achieves mega-speed and mega-maneuverability. It is a first-class spy who knows how to pursue and catch by surprise
A high-speed car that has no equals on asphalt tracks. Its unique bodywork, powerful spoiler, low landing, and the V-8 (eight-cylinder) engine are a threatening mixture
The king of drift and burnt tires. It has aerodynamic body with roof rack - intercooler for turbo engine, and nitrous oxide for mega-speed. On a drift-track, it has no equals. Make your rivals tremble
Combines qualities of high-speed cars and military aircrafts. It is equipped with a double turbocharging and two fuel tanks, like an air-fighter is. Mega-power, mega-drive!
A super-speed car with open wheels, front and rear wings, turbines, and the V8 (eight-cylinder) engine. See you at the finish line!
A mega-speed car of the future. It is an aerodynamic car, and air flows from the front spoiler around the roof and through the engineered rear spoiler. Minimum resistance and maximum speed
A high-speed car with the powerful V-8 (eight-cylinder) engine. Only forward, and toward new records. Stay out of its way, because it is a whirlwind. All you will be able to see is its position lamps speeding far into the endless distance
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