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Sweet Box presents the new collection Mattel Enchantimals™! They are magical girlfriends that take care of their favorite little animals. They are always together, learn a lot from each other, and even look a bit the same.

Felicity Lis and Flick, Sage Skunsy and Kaper, Danessa Olenny and Sprint, Petter Pavlina and Flap, Bree Krolya and Twist live in an enchanted forest where nothing is more important than friendship and any miracles can happen! Every SweetBox contains a big toy, fruit marmalade, and a leaflet with a story. Gather all the friends together!

Sage Skunk
She moves quickly and has an active mind. She finds a way out of any difficult situation. Temper: an optimist and a prankster Abilities: never panics Favorite activities: to compose songs, to plan artful jokes with Caper
Felicity Fox
She is deft, smart, and curious. She rarely stays in one place and likes travelling to new places. Temper: a fearless leader and a pathfinder Abilities: can move soundlessly Favorite activities: reading books, journeys with Flick
Bree Bunny
She is the most inventive of all the girlfriends. Bree is ready for adventures and able to think up something new. If some project were interesting for her, she would be ready to deep dive into it. Temper: a creative person Abilities: jumps superbly, has excellent hearing Favorite activities: self-education, development of new projects with Twist
Patter Peacock
She is very sociable and is proud of her gorgeous feathering. Patter likes to chat, but when she is nervous, she starts singing. Temper: chatty, likes to cheer others Abilities: flies at short distance Favorite activities: singing songs a duet with Flap
Danessa Deer
She is shy and quiet girl whose actions speak louder than her words. She is always in the right place and at the right time to provide support and help to her friends. Temper: caring, strong, and sensitive Abilities: runs quickly, has excellent vision Favorite activities: racing with his friend Sprint in the forest
He is a nimble fawn, and a pet of Danessa Deer. The favorite game of Sprint is racing with Danessa in the forest
He is a little skunk, and a favorite pet of Sage Skunk. Together, they like to compose songs, sing, dance, and think up jokes and pranks
He is a shy little fox, and loyal helper of Felicity Fox. Together, they like travelling, especially to the places they have not been before
He is a cute little bunny, and the best friend of Bree Bunny. Twist and Bree are like two hurricanes of creative energy if it comes to homemade projects. The bigger and more difficult the project the better
He is a charming peacock, and a pet of Petter Peacock. He loves to sing. Petter has not really beautiful voice, but when they sing with Flap, their songs sound very harmoniously
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