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Sweetbox introduces a new collection themed on the adventure cartoon “Kikoriki. Deja Vu”! Krash decided to organize a birthday party for Barry and contacts an event agency that promises unforgettable time travel adventures… But because the Kikoriki crew fail to follow the rules, they get scattered across time… There are 10 toys in the collection. In each Sweetbox you will find one of the main characters: Krash, Barry, Mole, Dokko, Pin, Wally, Rosa, Chiko, Olga - tasty jelly with natural fruit juice, a leaflet with the description of the character and a big toy. Help the friends get back together!

He is a tireless romantic that opened up the talent to play an ancient chinese string instrument during the time travel adventure. Also he found out that he loves rice what is totally not about rams.
He is kind and shy but inside he has a heart of a real samurai. He is the best friend of Krash.
She is a jolly middle-aged lady who is able even at her age to open up new talents such as singing in mock-Chinese!
He is a gardener in everyday life but he turned out to be a real knight! He is kind and jolly with his friends but pitiless with garden blasts. If not this character and his birthday, the adventure would not have occured.
He is the main evildoer, unconfident manager of the Deja Vu agency that sells time travel adventures. His dream and aim is to become the best agent of the month that’s why he for any dodges and shabby tricks.
He is a disorganized optimist that never thinks ahead. He spends most of the time in great mood. He is friendly and active, inconsiderate and fussy. He is always jolly and full of optimism at any time and in any case.
He appeared after the time paradox. This is Krach in the future, grown up, more experienced and grumbling. Shark is polar opposite of young Krash - this is what he hates the most and blames everyone in the mistakes of his youth.
He is an educated moose-scientist. But it is better for him not to travel in time because he knows history well and understands who mooses were in the far Medievale…
He in an inventor and a handy-andy but he still has not managed to invent a time machine! Anyway, after this adventure he will have lots of even more interesting inventions left!