Every child loves gifts. Especially if they are a surprise, contain some kind of mystery or intrigue. SweetBox is a pleasant surprise for children, inside of which there is a large flock or plastic collectible toy in the form of a favorite character and a tasty, useful sweetness (chewy marmalades with natural juice or fruit pastilles). The bright box with your favorite character and delicious sweetness will surely please your child and his parents.


The SweetBox box is a versatile and enjoyable gift for holidays, celebrations, which can also be used as a daily encouragement for a child. A large toy in the form of a favorite character and delicious sweetness will give pleasant moments. You will not have to think about subsequent gifts, as you will certainly want to help your child collect the entire collection of high-quality toys. We work closely with global children's brands that produce cartoons, cartoons, mobile games that children like. Based on many famous cartoons, SweetBox collections have been released. Knowing what characters your child admires, you can easily give him a pleasant meeting with your favorite characters.


In the collections of SweetBox from 6 to 10 characters. By purchasing a whole block, you are guaranteed to become the owner of the entire collection of toys.

The SweetBox collections are original, they are protected by patents and copyright. Our own collections: “Fuzzies. Kittens "," Fluffies. Puppies ”,“ Pony ”,“ Girlfriend ”,“ Pups ”,“ Fairies ”,“ Dragons ”,“ Animals ”have already gained fans not only in Russia, but throughout the world.

Among the heroes of the universe SweetBox are many famous characters from popular animated cartoons that children love very much: “Cold Heart”, “Cars”, “Zveropolis”, “Trolls”, Angry Birds and many others. Especially for girls, we have a collection of miniature Barbie dolls, Monster High, Disney princesses with their pets, the most friendly ponies on the planet - My Little Pony. For boys - Hot Wheels race car collections, models of famous tanks from World of Tanks, characters from the Star Wars saga, brave heroes from the Scheny Patrol and Robokar Poly cartoons. We cooperate with the creators of popular Russian cartoons: Smeshariki, Fixiki, Masha and the Bear, Adventures of Am Nyama, Winnie the Pooh and All-All-All, Mi-Mi-Bears.

SweetBox has more than 70 popular collections that can satisfy the most demanding customers.