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The collection Sweet Box presents inseparable friends, heroes of the cartoon Be-Be-Bears!

A brown little bear Bucky and his friend, a white little bear Bjorn live in a forest. Every day of their lives is full of adventures, inventions, and entertainments, thanks in large part to their loyal friends: a wise Little Fox, a silent chick Chicky, a kind mole Valya, and hurtful racoons Sonya and Sanya.

White Bear Bjorn comes from the North, living not far from Bucky. He knows a lot of stories, often remembers the traditions of the North and his family
A curious and active brown bear cub. Bucky gets into trouble most of the time. He is very fond of inventing gadgets
Little Fox
She pays a lot of attention to household chores, is a good hostess, and is a very good cook
Sanya the Raccoon is Sonya's brother, a mischievous and fidgety boy. He often does little shenanigans to draw attention to himself. If he is caught red-handed, he apologizes and goes back to his
Raccoon Sonya, like her brother, is a bit selfish. She loves fashion and novelties. When it suits her, she "befriends" Little Fox, but uses the friendship to her own advantage.
A silent chicken, Bucky's pet. Always happy to be the first to test all of Bucky's inventions
Mole Valya is fond of archeology; an intelligent, naive kind-hearted man. Always ready to be of service to everyone. He is easy to deceive, he is very trusting
A quiet, unhurried, wise bear cub, he loves to contemplate. Bjorn loves to travel and appreciates nature
He plays computer games and likes the Internet. Respects Bjorn and often asks him for advice
Little Fox
Bucky and Bjorn's girlfriend, who lives near the cubs. Little Fox is very fond of the cubs, who are restless dreamers and inventors. She is younger than them, but in many ways wiser
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