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The adventure continues!

Based on funny stories about funny bears: the brown bear Bucky and the polar bear Bjorn, as well as their faithful friends: Little Fox, Chicky, the mole Valya, the raccoons Sanya and Sonya. The collection includes 8 paired toys. Collect all of them!

The eternal ringleader, lively, daring and impatient. He can create a device of any complexity - from a “reminder” to a portal to a parallel reality.
Little Fox
Kind, calm, caring, a good housewife, loves to treat her friends to pies. She often expresses her point of view on all disputes between Bucky and Bjorn.
White bear. The calm and wise Bjorn was born in the North. Bucky's faithful friend and neighbor. Loves to travel, cooks well and appreciates nature.
Brown bear. Active and curious, Bucky most often gets into trouble. Loves to invent. He respects Bjorn and often asks him for an advice.
Sister of the raccoon Sanya. Loves fashion and all sorts of new items. She is friend with Little Fox for her own benefit. Like her brother, she loves to attract attention to herself.
Mischievous and restless. He carries a slingshot with him. He does minor mischief, but with the intention not to harm, but just to have fun or attract attention.
Bucky's pet lives at his home. He is always happy to act as a brave pioneer of all the little bear’s inventions.
A slow and clumsy kind mole-intellectual. Very insecure, gullible and naive. His hobby is archaeology.
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