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The family of orange cows: Father Bull, Mommy Cow, Zoh and Boh, and their faithful friends: Cathy, Nick, Grey.

Every day of this funny company is filled with adventures and solutions to some important problems, but all always ends well, partly due to the support of their parents.
Collect the entire collection of 7 characters!

Father Bull
Caring, cheerful father of the family. Strong, kind, a jack of all trades. He works as a truck driver, loves his job. He travels all over the country, always bringing the children new amazing stories and, of course, presents.
Mommy Cow
A model of kindness, beauty and femininity, has a good sense of humor. Gentle, caring, always able to hug or comfort. She is educated, and can give an answer to any difficult question. She is fond of cooking, needlework, drawing and ceramics.
Inquisitive, obedient, very creative boy. He is the youngest in the family. He tries to imitate his sister Zoh in everything. He likes to listen when others read to him and he can spell his own words. He is good at drawing and singing.
Zoh is a real tomboy in a skirt, but a big coquette and fashionista. She is very active and quick-witted. She likes to dance, sing and dress up. She studies well and dreams to grow up soon and become an artist.
A country boy, friend of Boh and Zoh. Cheerful, agile, very talkative. Often gets into difficult situations, but always "gets away with it". He is afraid of heights, but hides it. He likes water very much, but cannot swim.
Zoh's city friend, her classmate. Cathy has a very creative nature. She is a little thoughtful, and "always on her mind". She is very popular with Boh, her faithful knight and protector. She tries to be like her mother in everything.
Harmless, shy teenage wolf cub. He is good with kids, and because of his age he knows more than others. He knows English and French because his mother is a linguist.
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