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The Sweetbox collection themed on the popular russian cartoon Fixies. You might want to ask: “Who are the Fixies?”. Those are little people who live inside devices and equipment. They love taking care of devices, they fix everything and watch out that everything works correctly. The Fixies are real masters of what they do and best friends of children. In each Sweetbox there is one of six main characters: Papus, Masya, Simka, Nolik, Verta and Shpulya. Also inside the box you will find tasty jelly with natural fruit juice, a leaflet with the description of the character and a big collector toy. Get the whole Fixies collection!

Classmate of Simka
Classmate of Simka, the most beautiful and ambitious girl in class. She can achieve everything she needs and doesn’t suffer defeats. But she can help others solve a difficult situation. Of course, if you ask her to.
Wife of Papus
Wife of Papus and mother of Simka and Nolik. Masya is cheerful and level-headed. She loves tide and is keen on routine work. Masya is a highly-qualified Fixik, when it comes up to kitchen devices, she is second to none. We won’t let even Papus be first.
Simka's younger brother
Younger brother of Simka. He is five years old. He is easy-going and straightforward. Sometimes Nolik doesn’t have enough knowledge and experience but nevertheless he has his own opinion to anything. Nolik often faces difficult situations that he cannot solve without the help of his friends.
Father of Simka and Nolik
Father of Simka and Nolik. This is a Fixik of extra-class, master of everything. His talent is exceptionally bright in difficult situations. Papus is always ready: he can turn into a screw with the aim not to hide but rather to fix a broken device and hold it like Atlantean.
A girl Fixik of nine years old. She is smart and active. Simka is always ready to help her friends. She acts quickly and bravely. Simka goes to the Fixiki school, she is the best student in class.