Disney. Palace Pets 2

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Sweetbox introduces the carnaval collection of Disney Palace Pets! Favourite pets of famous charming Disney princesses! In each Sweetbox you will find a big tox, fruit jelly and a leaflet with the description of one character. There are 8 cute pets in colorful unique clothes: Teacup, Sultan, Lily, Pumpkin, Treasure, Beauty, Berry and Blondie! Find out what the pers will be wearing at the carnaval.

Rapunzel's pony
A golden pony, the most elegant pony of the Royal Regiment. At the parade Rapunzel noticed her gracious walk. Blondie was so happy to become Rapunzel’s friend.
Tiana's kitten
A small but independant kitten that once appeared at the door of Tiana’s restaurant. Very soon princess Tiana and Lily became friends.
Snow White's rabbit
A cute rabbit that was found by Snow White under a blackberry bush when she was gathering berries for her pie.
Cinderella's puppy
A small puppy that was found by Cinderella on her balcony. Later the princess found out that the puppy was a present from the prince!
Jasmin's tiger
A real tiger that was found by Jasmine at the bazaar. Sultan is thousand times braver than grownup tigers and he will never leave his owner in danger.
Aurora's kitten
Charming Kitten that was found by Aurora under a flower bush while she was walking around the royal garden. Since then the princess never leaves her pet alone.
Belle's puppy
When Belle saw Teacup performing tricks at the fair, she understood that Teacup is the future star of the Royal Court. Teacup has another necessary talent - an excellent sense of smell on beautiful jewelry.